Monday, 8 August 2011

I cannot write about this properly yet, but I'll publish links and notes as quickly as I can gather them. I'll try to link to original sources where I can, but a lot of stories are coming through friends as rumours, and as a result are unlinked. And many of these news stories may not be fully accurate, as events are moving to fast to get a full and accurate picture.

Guardian commentisfree:

The most up to date news source- an hour ahead of the BBC for most of tonight.

Hooray for Theresa May-

To be fair, she's the only one from the government whose managed to react to this disaster quickly. Boris initially ruled out cutting off his holiday, probably rightly seeing that there was nothing he could do to help the situation. But his lack of facetime with the press will cost him dearly, since Ken Livingstone has been saying all of the right things to all the right people.
The same goes for cameron. Nick Clegg managed to turn in a appearance and meet people, upgrading himself from a incredibly detestable individual to just very detestable.

interactive map, but as with all news coverage, they are out of date as soon as they are reported,-0.055275&spn=0.114195,0.298691
another interactive map that is slightly quicker. However, it's stopped updating on 2.00 am on Tuesday, and hasn't taken into account subsequent occurrences. Bad enough we have riots, now we have volcanoes This is the most up to date map, displaying tweets in affected areas as they happen, bu takes a while to load. woman jumps out of a burning building no bookies is safe (especially in clapham).

Most of the participants seem to be youngsters, and the police have asked parents where their children are. silly policeman, this is London. The streets are our parents.

Trending yesterday was a video that shows a 16 year old girl attacked by police, but I cannot make anything out from the video.  The info is all in the sound Can you -
this has been blamed for sparking the riot alongside Mark Duggan's shooting. maplins is also in trouble JD sports is taken out -Bang and Olufsen have strong glass
Bethnal green on fire at this minute, worries it'll get worse.
Clashes in queensway between rioters and residents.
East Ham timber depot on fire.
Cars burning in notting hill, restaurant looted  A blogger was in attendance(

another place for analysis here

Waltham abbey in buckinghamshire has the largest blaze so far- a Sainsbury depot
Cars burning in ealing, and rumours that a shopping centre is now on fire.
00.41-  Ben schofield's car on fire , therefore, riot in progress. Flatmate has suggested that this may just be a normal night for the scousers. gunshots heard in liverpool.

Coventry is going up apparently, but need confirmation from an eyewitness.
West Yorkshire police confirm skirmishes in leeds 
A mosque may have been burned down. East london mosque attacked by yobs
E6 has experience clashes, in green street. From that movie with elijah wood.
Southall is under attack. But the Sikh community are banding together to protect the gurdwara from looters.

Turkish businessmen chase rioters out of dalston Bloody immigrants ruining my riot ! definitely not a normal night in liverpool woolwich-  curse you sky news ! Wood green blogpost
They better not touch the best Nandos in London !

Fulham and dawes road currently attacked by rioters. Cars burning outside fulham broadway.

Police station on fire in birmingham.

Bristol has problems as well,
Leeds has issues.
Romford may be in chaos.
rumours of stuff in huddersfield, but it turns out no worse than a normal night in huddersfield.
Minor breakouts in Manchester, despite police reassurances to the contrary. firefighters come under attack by rioters.

Stratford on fire?

More pictures, but beware of ad popups, and distressing images

warning- any violence, even garden variety vandalism that happens all the time will be reported as rioting, so many rumours of spread to cities need to be analysed with salt.

Look at this f**king rioter- Man decadently loots tesco value 

Good samaritan ? We should be so lucky -

A brave woman sums up the riot to the looters -


There is always time for planking

Clegg told us this would happen  WE DIDN'T LISTEN !
Cameron on the other hand has this to say
Guardian may also get a cassandra award for this, but probably not. egyptian bloggers have no time for our crap - Our city is now an object lesson for the rest of the world

Quote of the day- "small group of people at large" in birmingham.

Let's not forget to blame social media and new technology
network effects
More on technology
so it's a good thing that the SONY depot is on fire... that'll make us safe from all of this technology malarkey.

Notting Hill Carnival may not happen. Awaiting confirmation
Tube closures imminent

*rumours of rampaging tigers, escaped Alpacas and the London eye on fire are clearly fabrications*

BEWARE SCAM E-mails- "help me I've been mugged" give me your credit details etc.

sports fixtures are also being affected, and rumours that the next england world cup match is to be cancelled.
People calling for army intervention ( , although these same people will probably start whining when the army start actually shooting people. After seeing some of the things happening, I can sympathise.

Prime minister is convening COBRA command.  Will the JOE's save us ?

And we have not even had an attempt to assess the death toll yet. Hopefully it's low, but there are bound to be a few tragedies. Keep an eye on @metpoliceuk for updates.

A couple of reconstruction groups are popping up - if you are in london If you are in woolwich

Volunteers are needed to clean up this mess. We've seen jobs and livelihoods go up in flames. The wounds inflicted today, for some, will never heal. Signing off at ten past 4 am

Needless to say

I hate this fucking city.

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